What is Luxa Porcelain Surfaces?

Luxa is surfacing material made from Porcelain. Porcelain is one of the oldest man-made vitreous materials, known for its strength and natural non-porous characteristics.

Where does Luxa Porcelain Surfaces come from?

Luxa Porcelain is made in Italy, by fabricators highly skilled in the process of creating the extra-large slabs required to create shower surrounds and countertops.

How do I maintain my Luxa Porcelain Surface?

Luxa porcelain surfaces are relatively easy to maintain. They are nonporous and therefore require no sealing. Please refer to the Use & Care page for cleaning instructions.

Will Luxa stain, ship or crack?

Thanks to our proprietary support system, Luxa porcelain surfaces are extremely strong and durable. Like most countertop surface materials (both natural and man-made) Luxa is susceptible to heavy, blunt force impact. Luxa does not recommend use of mallets or cleavers on countertop surfaces.

How do I go about ordering this product?

Please refer to the Find Luxa section.

What colors can I get my Luxa surface in?

Luxa surfaces are currently offered in 5 different countertop styles and 7 different shower styles.

Can I get Luxa in a custom color?

Custom colors are typically only available for large scale commercial orders. Custom colors are made only for jobs requiring 50 slabs or more.

What size options of the surfaces are available?

Countertop slabs come 126” x 63”, shower kit sizes are available listed under Kit Sizes under Showers.

What if I can’t find a retailer in my area?

Please call our office at (603) 217-5561 to determine your options for ordering your custom Luxa surface.