Body Color and Veining

Luxa Porcelain Countertops have distinct background colors, which carry through the entire body of the slab.

The marble or stone veining on Luxa’s Porcelain Countertops is achieved using high definition photos of actual marble or stone. These photos are laser printed onto the top of the porcelain slabs prior to the firing process and allow for a far superior visual aesthetic as compared to veined Quartz products. However, this patterning does not carry though the body of the slab, meaning the edges of the completed counter top will not contain the same veining as the top surface, but will be have the same background coloring.

Finishes - Polished or Matte

Luxa Porcelain Countertops are available in either a Polished or Matte finish. Polished finishes are consistently smooth to the touch, while the Matte finishes have a texture, that can vary from nearly smooth to slightly rough, much like a leathered or honed granite.

Either finish is highly scratch resist and will not etch like natural marble. They are also highly stain resistant due to Porcelain’s naturally low absorption rate. Luxa Porcelain Countertops never need to be sealed or waxed. Clean up is easy, only requiring soap and warm water.

Material Thickness/Uses/Edges

Luxa Porcelain Countertops are available in a 12mm (½”) thickness. While thinner than traditional Granite or Quartz, Porcelain is proven to be 30% stronger than Granite and does not contain the natural fissures and dry seams present in Granite, which can be considered weak points.

Luxa Porcelain Countertops are far more heat resistant than Granite or Quartz and will not burn, smoke, melt or emit harmful substances when heated. Luxa Porcelain Counter Tops are also UV and frost resistant, allowing them to be used in outdoor applications, unlike Quartz.

Luxa Porcelain Countertops offer 2 different edge profiles – Eased 12mm or Eased Laminated 24mm. Eased Laminated (laminating 2 pieces of porcelain together) allows for the edge of the counter top appear more substantial. Either edge will allow for radius edges where required. However, any pattern seen on the surface of the counter top will not continue through to the edge. There may also be a slightly visible line where the 2 pieces of porcelain are laminated together.

Luxa Porcelain Countertops allow for an overhang at islands and pass through areas. Any over hang greater than 9” will require additional support. We suggest CounterBalance CounterPlates, for over-hangs larger than 10”, available on Additional supports should be placed every 10”.